Season of White Truffle

A new season calls for new memories, welcome the changing of seasons with treasures from Italy. Nicholini’s and Golden Leaf unveil this fall’s seasonal menus as restaurant specialty chefs pair dishes with the aromatic white truffles in celebration of Autumn harvest.

Available until season end, every dishes are finished with Alba white truffle from Piedmont, Italy.

Nicholini’s Autumnal Signatures

Fusing inspiration from time-honoured recipes dating back to 1990, Chef Riccardo Catarsi exhibits Nicholini’s finest creations in the four-course tasting dinner menu featuring Carpaccio alla Nicholini’s, beef carpaccio with garden salad and 24 months aged Parmesan; Tajarin, homemade Piedmontese pasta tossed in rich butter sauce. White truffle tasting dinner  menu is priced at HK$1,688* per diner.

Other highlighted signatures available in our a-la-carte menu  include Little Nicholini’s, homemade ravioli in truffle sauce, are revitalized to complement the earthy aroma of the seasonal harvests.

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The Cantonese Take by Golden Leaf

Chef Tony Wan Chung-Yiu welcomes this fall with white truffle inspired Cantonese creations featuring Golden Leaf’s handcrafted Dim Sums such as Steamed Shrimp Dumplings and Steamed Assorted Vegetable Dumplings with Bamboo Piths and Fungus along with the all-time favourite of Poached Chicken in Chicken Essence. The menu manifests his interpretation of the aromatic funghi with a Cantonese twist.

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*subject to a 10% service charge.
* Golden Leaf Dim Sums with shaved white truffle are only available during lunch hour